Use For SEO - Youtube Videos- 500+ Word Posts - Photos & Backlinks! for solopreneurs Is For Solopreneurs

We Give You The Ability To Post...

 * Youtube Videos *

* 500+ Word Posts *

* 4 Photos *

* Do Follow Backlinks *


We know you're pressed for time. The internet is super crowded these days. Make your work online count! has a few unique advantages over other classified ads sites. 


1) Post Do follow HTML links

2) Embed Youtube Videos 

3) Post 4 Photos

4) Write 500+ words in the post


1) Post Do follow HTML links

When you include a link back to your site or product make sure you use the code example below:

use bluelistme classified ads to your best advantage html code

Enclose your url within the quotation marks in the first part of this code and then include the [anchor] text between the arrows... these symbols > <

The result will look like this: Visit BlueListMe Today! is an SEO classified site for every type of business. We especially like difficult to promote sites.

So all you small businesses and solopreneurs post your links today!

2) Embed Youtube Videos

When you go to create a post on at the very bottom you will see an area to post your Youtube video. It looks like this:

Youtube post embed code

When you get there insert the Youtube share code that looks like this:

youtube embed code

And that's it!

See an example here... 


3) Post 4 Photos

On you have the ability to post up to 4 photos. We highly recommend you upload a relevant photo for your product or service for the best SEO results.

**Please note - NO nudity.** Sexy photos are fine as long as they are relevant to the product/sevice you are advertising. 

We delete anything and everything at our discretion and with impunity.


4) Write 500+ words in the post

Another way to optimized your post on is to write a long relevant post with your url and targeted keywords. We don't mind if you keyword "stuff" but the search engines do.

3-4 links and keywords is probably best, but any more than 6-7 of each and the search engines may penalize the listing. 

FINAL THOUGHT - If you do all of the 4 tips above each time you post on you will see more traffic to your website or product listing.

However, the search engines can tell if all your backlinks are from classified ad sites. Make sure you post no more than 2-3 times a week. 

With optimized classified advertising you are GUARANTEED to see results. That's not us talking... that's based on algorythms.

Good Luck!