Good News! California Prosecutors Are Reducing Pot Convictions (VIDEOS)

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Good News!

California Prosecutors

Are Reducing Pot Convictions 

(Videos Below)



In the age of The Orange Menace good news is hard to come by. 

Here is a piece of news that will make you feel all fuzzy and mellow inside.

Feeling Mellow

Pot is now legal in California.

So, prosecutors in San Francisco and San Diego are making moves to erase thousands of marijuana convictions en masse.

This is potentially life-changing news for those currently incarcerated, especially minorities. Statistics show that blacks and latinos are much more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana related crimes.

Supporters are calling on more California counties to do the same.

In fact, California district attorneys have called San Francisco counter parts to get some advice on handling marijuana cases.

A Farmer & His Pot

A marijuana farmer, who recently had his felony conviction reduced was pleased. He was caught selling a few small bags of weed at a concert. It was reduced to a misdemeanor.

This California weed farmer can now obtain permits to grow marijuana legally. That's something he couldn't do with a felony record.

He can also legally buy a gun now and take up hunting again, he said. Well, you can't win them all.

Someone who is convicted of a felony cannot own a gun, cannot vote and are disqualified from holding many professional licenses. Former felons often have a tough time finding a place to live and finding work. 

Fight To Reduce Or Eliminate

The National Conference of State Legislatures said nine states have marijuana laws that let people either clear or modify their criminal records.

Minorities have been arrested for marijuana crimes at a much greater rate than whites. Now that legalization is taking hold, states and cities are addressing this inequity.

So far, in San Diego, 680 cases have been dismissed or reduced. Wow.

Groups like the Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates for marijuana legalization, encourage people found guilty of weed offenses to petition the courts.

They have had limited success. Much of that has to do with the cost and time and energy involved.

However, the San Francisco court system is doing it automatically. Wow.

This removes huge barriers for people trying to navigate the process of getting their life back from the system.

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