About BlueListMe

BlueListMe.com was created for individuals and small businesses (outside the mainstream) who want an affordable, effective and reliable way to advertise online.

Advertising on classified ad sites just works. Period.

Bluelistme.com has the added bonus of allowing you to post YOUTUBE VIDEOS and DO FOLLOW URLS.


However, it takes consistency over time to achieve significant results. It's not sexy, but it WORKS.

We believe responsible adults should have the opportunity to partake of the many experiences that the internet offers. 


However, we don't condone anything illegal, unethical or excessive. This includes trafficking of any type, obsessive compulsive behaviors and the nuisance of spamming.

Having said that, we welcome all those who either love buying online or love doing business online.




We encourage you to post often (no spamming please) and spread the word.

BlueListMe.com is completely FREE to use for now. That can't and won't last forever.

Thank you for your support of BlueListMe.com... The Alt Classifieds.